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Black Locust

Canvas, Black Locust Bark, Grape Vines
3' x 5' Dress
20" x 20" Headdress

Featured in Against the Grain

Black Locust is part of my Biophelia Collection, a body of works that explores elements of nature that help protect our environment. Nature is both the source of materials and locus of ideas and concepts for my work. The natural materials I work with are imbued with structure and therefore strength, yet they are fragile and eventually will fall apart. I mine personal experiences of loss, love, beauty and weave figures into unconventional beauties, mythological figures and heroic women.

My work suggests both coming together and falling apart, viewed within the content and context of organic matter, a reminder of sloughing and shedding both real and figurative. Given the ephemeral nature of my work, decomposition can be seen as a kind of performance.

I view my installations as temporary collaborations between myself and the viewers that invite reflection upon themes of place, time, decay, beauty, death, life, greed and excess. My focus on the natural world has come to reflect an increasing alarm at the impact of humans on nature.

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