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Since 1971, Childhood's End Gallery has been a leading source for fine art and American craft. Located along the Olympia waterfront in the historic Wright Building (built 1908) in the gateway to downtown*. We feature the work of hundreds of American artists and artisans. Our selection of items includes functional and decorative work in a variety of media including art glass, ceramics, woodwork, metalwork, jewelry and a wide range of fine art and reproductions.
* Olympia Historical Society

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222 4th Ave W
Olympia, WA 98501
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Childhood's End Gallery is a proud Patron Business Sponsor of KAOS community radio in Olympia, WA. Present a current KAOS membership card and receive two free William Winden greeting cards with purchase; William was an Arts and Music professor at TESC starting in 1972.


Do you do appraisals?
We do not do appraisals, though we work with a local appraiser - Contact us for more information. Please do due dliigence for the work you are seeking to sell prior to contacting us - this can be as simple as trying to find galleries that currently sell the artists' work and/or finding any additional information on the artist/work/history/materials.

How can I submit my work for reveiw to be in your gallery?
We have a jury process for all work. Please see Submission Guidelines for more information.

I own an artwork that I would like to sell, would you sell it for me?
We work directly with artists and do not resell on the secondary market. That said, we love to see interesting and unique works and can look at a case-by-case basis to offer any advice we may have.

Do you do Art/Jewelry Repairs?
We are always happy to help repair work purchased through the gallery. For outside work, please contact us with more information regarding the neceassary repair.

Will you hang work for me at my home/place of business?
This is a case-by-case issue, though often we can help with hanging for a small fee.

May I have an artist's information to contact them myself?
All of our artist and client informaiton is confidential, though we are happy to reach out for you with no commitment necessary.

Is there an admission price to enter?
No, it is free to enter our gallery and retail store at any time during open hours.

You are out of an item I would like, would you order one for me?
Yes, if the item is still available, we are happy to add one to our next order, or order an individual item for you, though there may be limitations and/or additional costs for a single item.

Can I commission a work?
Yes. We work with a wide variety of artists who have done commssions in many materials. The commission process varies between artists and requests, so please contact us with your inquiry and approximate timeline for more specific information. Please know that site-specific requests may require a non-refundable deposit.

Can I order a quantity of personalized items/trophies for business/cooperate/general gifts?
Yes. Many of our artists can do larger quantities of items and/or personalization on items. Please contact us with your request for more information.

Any additional questions, concerns, or information related to the above, can be sent to:

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