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COVID-19 Policies

- Masks -
Masks are now optional for all persons entering the gallery. We do ask that anyone currently ill, or very recently ill, please wear a mask while inside.

- Sanitation Stations -
Childhood's End Gallery has a no-touch hand sanitizer located at the entrance; all persons entering Childhood's End Gallery must sanitize their hands and try to avoid touching anything unnecessarily. Staff are happy to help and actively sanitize surfaces throughout the day. Hand sanitizer is also available at the checkout counter along with alcohol wipes.

- Needle-Point Bi-polar Ionization Air Filter -
To better clean our air and reduce the possibility of airborne viruses, Childhood's End Gallery has a needle-point bi-polar ionization filter system professionally retrofitted into our existing HVAC system; the same type found in commercial aircraft. The system filters air throughout the entire gallery and remains active during business hours and continuously while traffic or infection rates are high. This style of ionization does not create ozone, unlike other methods of ionizing air. ( 1 )

The filter works by leveraging an electronic charge to create positive and negative ions that are released into the air. These ions bind to viruses, bacteria, or molds which cause them to react and decompose surface proteins, rendering them inactive; pollens and dust react by binding together until they are large enough to be captured by the filtration system. ( 1 )

In addition to a wide variety of viruses, independent testing has proven to inactivate the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus 99.4% after 30min of use. ( 2 ) The rate of inactivity is increased the longer the filter remains active, thereby making for continuously cleaner air.


- Social Distancing -
Please continue to be mindful of space while around others.

Any addional inquiries not addressed here may be directed to: info@childhood-end-gallery.com

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